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Vincenzo Maraglino
I am an Italian artist. I’ve been creating NFTs for about four months, but I’ve been drawing and painting since I was five, and now I’m almost 40. I was lucky enough to grow up in a wonderful place full of sensory stimuli called "Terra delle Gravine" where inside caves carved into the rock, there are still traces of rock paintings dating back to the Eastern Roman Empire. These testimonies are my inspiring muses. OvertimeIhadthe opportunity to gain a lot of experience and to have collaborations with public and private entities. One of the most intense experiences was that of the artistic workshops between small Italian schoolchildren, and African children refugees from war and famine. Even the collaborations for the carnival scenography and for the tourist villages have given me the opportunity to understand how important the team spirit is within creative yards. Today,in addition to holding courses in creativity,I continue my artistic communication by launching socialmessagesbut also use the visual medium to bring people to know the historicalmonumentsof myhomeland and safeguard them from"indifference of the current political government. To learn more about my creative process, contact me now.
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